Masala Street represents a culinary journey through the flavors of India and through the excellence of Grand Master Chef Hemant Oberoi, one of India’s most legendary chefs. In a career spanning four decades, he has cooked for kings, queens and heads of state as well as Hollywood and Bollywood royalty. We welcome you to experience a new era of Indian dining.
Mothers Day Brunch
13th of May 2018
@ $30/person*
select 1 appetizer,1 entrée & 1 dessert


Chaat Trio
Kursi chaat
Mango leather, spiced crisps, garbanzo beans, potato, yoghurt on a small chair
Gamla Quinoa Bhel
A flower pot filled with a tangy quinoa chaat, in a growing planter. Literally farm fresh.
When the streets of India met San Diego, we get a Samosa Taco. spiced potatoes, peas, taco, yoghurt, dressing
Kabucha and coconut soup
roasted kabocha squash with coconut and turmeric


Surf and Turf-Chicken Malai tikka and Koliwada shrimp
Grilled Chicken marinated cream cheese, cardamom and cilantro with chickpea batter fried shrimp wth bishops weed and ginger margination served ith a side of a mint-cilantro chutney and pickled mango aioli
Masala Street Dosa
A lentil and rice pan savory crepe stuffed with a spiced potato mash served with a side of a coconut chutney and a lemon tomato sambar
Bombay Brekki
Chicken patty with spiced Omelette, Bearnaise on a English muffin
Panca Tandoori Salmon Victoria Salad
Salmon marinated with aji panca an Ode to Caesar’s. egg, parmesan, house dressing,

Orange and almond Kheer
Rose Pannacotta with dark choclate and yuzu

*does not include taxes and gratuity reservations required parties of 6 or more shall be charged 18% gratuity